Examples of artwork, published work, brand collabs, product design, artwork, and pop up events by Pikarar. For more illustration and video examples, visit my instagram. For more collaboration work with other partners, please visit my collab page. For more example work, email me at partners@pikarar.com

"How to draw cute" series

Global publication of 6+ drawing books and 17+ renditions, each book with a unique theme. Available in multiple translations and countries. I write a book every year!

Brands I have worked with

GUCCI • CASETiFY • Quarto Publishing • Goodsmile • Hot Topic • Honey and Butter • Barnes & Nobles • Mochinut Mochi Donuts • Twitch • For Fans by Fans • Kinokuniya and more. To see more, visit my collab page.

Honey and butter macaron desserts

Sole designer and creative director on this project: photography, videography, interior, exterior decal, pop up displays, packaging, stickers, enamels, tote bags, menu, and macaron designs.